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Under the theme "GROWTH SPARKS GREATNESS," we gathered in the picturesque setting of Labuan Bajo on August 21, 2023, to celebrate the remarkable evolution of our beloved group. From the humble beginnings in 1964, when the Suhendra family laid the foundation stone, to becoming a force in multiple industries, our journey is nothing short of inspiring.  

Steel Division: Our Steel Division stands tall with a Steel Mill, Foundry, and Fastener manufacturing unit in the heart of Medan, North Sumatera. Additionally, our Nickel Pig Iron smelter in West Java showcases our commitment to advancing steel production technologies.  

Grinding Media Division: Operating from Medan, Indonesia, and Suzhou, China, our Grinding Media Division supplies Grinding Rods and manufactures Grinding Balls, setting industry standards for quality and performance.  

Rubber Division: Our Rubber Division, nestled in Medan, Indonesia, specializes in Rubber Mill Liner Manufacture, contributing to the efficiency and durability of various mining processes.  

Agriculture Division: Our Agriculture Division encompasses Crude Palm Oil Mills, Palm Kernel Oil Mills, and Plantations, reflecting our dedication to sustainable agricultural practices and responsible sourcing.  

Food Division: In the realm of taste and delight, our Food Division operates in Confectionery Manufacture in Medan, Indonesia, creating sweet memories and delectable treats for all.  

Biomass Powerplant Division: Embracing green energy, our Biomass Powerplant Division in Medan, Indonesia, champions the cause of sustainability. By supplying green and renewable energy, we contribute to a greener, cleaner future for generations to come.  

As we celebrate this incredible milestone, we express our deepest gratitude to our dedicated employees, valued partners, and loyal customers. Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our success, propelling us to new heights of achievement.  

Here's to 60 years of innovation, growth, and enduring partnerships! Thank you for being part of the Growth Steel Group family. Here's to the next chapter of success and prosperity! #GrowthSteel60 #GrowthSteelGroup #LegacyOfExcellence


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