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It is our utmost honor to be recognized and awarded by the Ministry of Manpower for exemplary efforts to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 at our workplace.

The company, GROWTH, operates in the manufacturing sector of grinding mill liners (steel, rubber, polysteel) and grinding balls. The company's proactive measures, aligned with WHO guidelines and national authorities' recommendations, have effectively safeguarded both employees and customers from the virus, even during challenging times. This accomplishment comes amidst challenging years, highlighting GROWTH's capability to ensure business continuity while prioritizing health and safety.

Accepting the award, the company reflects on the journey from triumph to transformation against COVID-19. The collective teamwork has been pivotal in achieving this recognition. Amidst evolving circumstances, GROWTH's unwavering dedication remains intact. Remember the battle we fought. Let's persist in wearing masks if unwell, upholding hand hygiene, and seeking medical care when needed. Together, we thrive.


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